Our story was inspired by a strong commitment to revive the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to uplift neglected communities. It was the innate desire to compensate for the loss of culture and precious wealth of our people, owing to the British Raj. It has been our constant endeavour to seek new opportunities which can benefit the society at large.

In tune with our PHILOSOPHY OF CONTINUOUS EVOLUTION, we expanded our horizons to branch out into the real estate sector in the early 21st century. With our strong foundation and revered principles, we at Sandu Developers were ready to bring in a breath of fresh air with our beautiful projects and path-breaking innovation.

About Us

For us, it’s not just a ‘house’ we’re building, it’s a ‘home’ for a lifetime. This philosophy translates to our unmatched expertise and passionate approach in every aspect of real estate. While being deep-rooted in tradition, we’ve continually evolved to bring about graceful elevations with innovative technology, and contemporary design. Our company comes with over a century worth of trust and business expertise, and as we carrying forward the mantle in the real estate sector, we are committed to bring you nothing but the best.

Come, experience soulful living with a community that you can trust and grow with. Only at Sandu, you can unwind with the joys of today, knowing that a charming tomorrow is waiting to unfold!


The Sandu Family has Mr Anand Sandu and Mrs Nandini Sandu, at the helm, ably followed by their sons, Dhananjay Sandu & Yashodhan Sandu. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr Anand is an author and avid poet, with a keen interest in Marathi Literature. His sons are carrying forward the mantle of the illustrious family name to bring about a revolutionary change in the real estate sector. They are collectively nurturing a community of progress and prosperity.

Vision & Mission

We envision to extend the famed Sandu legacy of trust to become the most reliable and renowned real estate company which is continually evolving, to build world-class projects that cater to every generation. All this while building a lifelong relationship with all our customers, partners, and stakeholders. As we go on to build dream homes, we also want to create thriving communities that are united and prosperous.

Our mission is to continuously innovate and create best-in-class properties, appropriate to the social and environmental context, by providing the best quality and value to our customers. We are committed to creating distinctive designs which are a class-apart through beautiful looking structures and a keen eye to detailing.

Our Philosophy & values

Sandu as an organisation, has been dedicated to offer a richer consumer experience over the years. This philosophy has been driven by an unmistakable accountability to our customers and a tradition of open dialogue. Every initiative is treated as an opportunity to remain consumer-oriented through a commitment to transparency, design, quality, and innovation. Our future goals are shaped by these very integral pillars of the core organisational philosophy.